Infinite sight


“Endless” pools are more than mere pools. In many cases, they merge with the natural sea or ocean around them, causing the person to lose sight in the water expanse. “Endless” pool give a sense of freedom, harmony and beauty.
Perhaps the most famous of all “endless” pool is this hotel in Singapore Marina Bay Sands. Considering that the construction of the hotel is worth 5.7 billion dollars, not how to pool it can not be more than impressive.
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150-meter “endless” pool is located on the 57th floor and offers stunning views of the financial district of Singapore, Marina Bay and the surrounding area. The pool is the largest and highest infinity pool in the world. If a person is close to its end, he feels like fall from the end of the world.

Enter our gallery and check out what others are best “endless” pool. The good news is that some of them are close to us – in Europe.
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